Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to the frequently asked questions about the Pipwizard Forex market signals are presented in these FAQs:

After you have completed your payment you should first receive a receipt from PayPal and within a couple of hours, we will send a test signal to your mobile phone to check connectivity.

Signals are sent out during the New York and London trading sessions.

We trade GBP/JPY, USD/CHF, AUD/USD, GBP/USD, and EUR/USD pairs and may add more in the future.

Signals are sent to subscribers via SMS to their mobile phones and take approximately 2 seconds for the SMS signal to be received by your mobile device, we can send signals to 221 Countries covering 819 mobile networks worldwide.

Example Only
EURUSD – BUY: 1.27790 | T/P: 1.30100 | S/L: 1.27023

Pipwizard Forex Signals range from $49 to $249 per month depending on the service level you choose to subscribe.

On average 4-12 Signals will be generated in any given month. It all depends on what the Price Action and Trend are doing, this number will vary from month to month.

Nope, 10 minutes at the most, after we send you a trade signal you simply enter it into your broker’s platform and you’re done. Matter of fact we recommend all of our subscribers get the mobile version of their broker’s trading platform so they can receive their signals and enter them from anywhere.

Only our FxPro service may have multiple open positions on two or more pairs but we do try to keep it to a maximum of two open positions at any given time.

FX3 and Euro Signals will only have one open position at any given time and we will not send you another alert until the current open trade has been completed.

No, our alerts will only have an entry price a stop loss level and a take profit level, we will never send you the old multiple take profit levels trick those other alert providers do.

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