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Not just for the professional trader looking for a low risk Forex Signals, but is also for the casual trader looking to trade the EUR/USD with less risk.

Based on our FxPro trading system, Euro Alerts™ scans through thousands of emerging short term trend patterns everyday and automatically identifies high probability and profitable trendy patterns. Euro Alerts proprietary (SST) Smart Scan Technology™ algorithm has the ability to perform high-speed technical analysis and price forecast on the intraday foreign exchange market.

Each day our Euro Alerts™ SST evaluates the Eur/Usd the most traded currency . When our system issues a signal either buy or sell, we immediately send you a set and forget setup via SMS, alerting you to go long or short as well as Stop Loss Level and Take Profit Level. The alert is delivered to your Mobile Phone approximately two seconds after signal validation. Subscribe to our new Euro Alerts™ service and receive precise and profitable daily Set and Forget forex signals.

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The EuroAlerts System is an ideal solution for those that do not have the time or experience to effectively analyze the market 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Whether you are a Intra Day-Trader who is in-and-out of trades actively throughout the day or a Swing-Trader that has a longer-term focus and may hold a position for days at a time, EuroAlerts delivers a SMS Forex Signaling solution to match your needs.

Each trader may also have a personal preference in terms of how far profit-taking and stop-loss levels are placed, how actively the market is traded, as well as the margin and leverage used for trading accounts.

EuroAlerts offers two styles, accommodating the diverse Currency Trading personalities, DayTrader and SwingTrader. The primary differences in the two styles are the profit-taking/stop-loss level depths and how actively SMS signals are sent.

We send our EuroAlerts members forex signals on the EUR/USD pair if you are interested in trading all currency pairs like the GBP/JPY, EUR/JPY, AUD/USD, GBP/USD, as well as the EUR/USD. Then have a look at our FxPro swing trading signals.

SMS Signals sent to your Mobile Device

Pipwizard™ SMS Forex Signals are delivered instantly to your mobile device. we use proprietary algorithms along with indicators and technical analysis to determine our recommendations. Our members receive clear-cut and honest currency trading recommendations.

Forex Signals Risk Management

All of our systems use trend, and proprietary pattern filters in an attempt to limit overall Forex market risk exposure. A unique set of filters screen each trading signal to ensure the validity of each signal and for risk management purposes, which can potentially minimize the losses. This is due to the high accuracy of the Euro Alerts™ forex signals system in locating low risk buy or sell entry points, and take profit levels for each trade on the euro dollar pair.

What’s The Difference?

Euro Alerts™ forex signals are human monitored, trades produced will be sent to you after human validation, this mean’s you can be assured that a professional forex trader is watching over your trades therefore if you do not possess any type of technical trading knowledge, don’t fear we will do the work for you.

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